Cider and cheese

Sider ogost


Cider and cheese are a fabulous combination. Jan-Arne Moen runs Frogner Special in Oslo. He has given us some tips on what to think about when choosing cider.

Salty and sweet

- When choosing cider for cheese, it is important not to choose cider that are too sweet. And choose cheeses that are not too salty. Prosten (matured cream cheese made from goat's milk) from Prestholt, Fjellgeit from Valbjør farm (Mild white mold cheese made from goat's milk), Edel Frue from Tingvollost (Soft white mold cheese inspired by the French camembert) and Brie from Ostegården are good combinations with cider. I have also produced some stored cheeses where much of the salt is gone, such as Holtefjell from Eiker farm cheese (solid red cheese), St. Pål from Rueslåtten cheese (80 % cow's milk and 20 % goat's milk) and Fjellost from Eggen Gårdsysteri (white mold cheese).
St. Pål from Rueslåtten Gårdsysteri and Holtefjell from Eiker Gårdsysteri will also go well with the fruit wines, says Jan-Arne Moen.
The mild Prosten from Prestholt and Fjellgeit from Valbjør gård will go to the wines that are sweeter.