When the days grow shorter and the yellow light shines on the hillside, the apples are ready for harvesting. On my farm, I have Gravenstein, Discovery and Aroma. These varieties are perfectly suited for cider, each bringing its own unique quality. When they are sweet enough, I pick them carefully and press them into apple juice. I pour the juice in large steel tanks along with a bit of sugar and yeast.

When the fermentation is well underway, I turn the temperature down and wait anxiously for a few months. This way, the cider develops slowly but surely, keeping its fresh apple aroma. In the spring, when all the cider tanks are fermented, I gather some good friends with good palates, and we have a tasting to create a mixture that is balanced between acidity and sweetness, fruitiness and fresh aromas. I add a bit of carbon dioxide to make it bubbly and tap it into bottles and barrels.

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