Sider eple jordbær og rabarbra



Eple Jordbær Rabarbra

Producer: Gardsbrenneriet
From: Vestland
Pairs with: Aperitif, seafood, dessert
Point of sale: Farm sale, HORECA
Apples: Aroma, Gravenstein, Discovery, Bramley seedling, James Grieve
Alcohol content: 4.9 %
Acid g/l: 9
Sugar g/l: 40
Level of carbonation: Bubbly
Organic: No

This is the third cider in our new grocery range. Based on our modern Norwegian apple cider, but also flavoured with Norwegian strawberries, as well as ‘strawberry red’ rhubarb from our farm. It is also our sweetest cider and is therefore great as both an aperitif and with dessert. Or just enjoy it freezing cold on the terrace on a hot summer’s day!